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Pray for Wales

Glory Carriers

From the middle of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th, Wales experienced some 15 major revivals, resulting in its reputation as 'The Land of Revivals'.

On the 31st October, 1904 a spiritual revival began in Wales (better called Cymru) as young people gathered in Moria Chapel, under the leadership of a 26 year old miner, Evan Roberts simply to pray. Little did they know, as they cried out to God in that chapel 100 years ago, that their prayers and their preaching would soon bring 100,000 people into the Kingdom of the heavens and would trigger other mass-revivals all over the world.

There is a revival anointing on this nation but sadly many of the “wells” have been filled in, however, the flow of revival power is still here. So, let's redig the wells with our prayers and intercession.


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